What is Your ‘Why’?

Understanding ‘why’ you are in business is an important key to business success and distinguishes you from your competition.

Customers buy your product or service because your business is solving a need that they have. Maybe think of it this way – no one really wants to buy an electric drill, they need something to make a hole. The ‘why’ is to make a hole and ‘what ‘ is the drill.

Last month as we started a new chapter as Davies & Associates, I asked the question ‘Why?’ Our ‘why’ is that we wish to make a difference: 

• A difference for business owners and their teams
• A difference for the team here at Davies & Associates
• A difference in our community

How do we do that? By working proactively with you, in a close relationship, to influence your future business growth – not just analyze its past results.


The next question to answer is ‘what’.

We believe that business owners need to know their numbers in a timely manner which is why we encourage all businesses to have their financial statements completed within 3 months of year end. We know that once you have the information to us, you are anxious to get the results, which is why we commit to a 20 business day turnaround time.

But we also believe that making a difference means more than just providing business owners with the historic numbers. Businesses grow by looking back and planning forward. We make a difference by providing services that:

• Show you ‘the way’ to attain business and personal goals by helping you develop a business strategy

• Show you ‘how’ to add more profit to the bottom line

• Show you ‘the money’ by helping you improve cash flow

• Show you ‘the golden years’ through succession and business transition planning and training

• Show you ‘who’ through the development and training of individuals and teams


Let’s talk. We would love to work with you to help influence your direction, growth and success.