DWCA becomes Davies & Associates

Some of the important consulting work we do with you, our clients, is planning for succession and retirement. Businesses need to plan for these well in advance of the actual event, or full retirement, to ensure a positive transition and a healthy outcome for all the parties involved.

So I have decided to take the advice we give our clients.

Effective August 31, 2015, I am stepping down as managing partner of Davies & Wyngaarden Chartered Accountants and will be staying on as an associate to the firm with Deanna Davies, my business partner, taking over the practice. This is the transition that I had always hoped for as it creates minimum disruption between you and the office and people who work here. For the most part, you will notice very little change, except for the name.

As the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants will not allow Deanna to continue to use the Davies & Wyngaarden, even though I still work here, the firm name is changing to Davies & Associates CPA Professional Corporation, to be known as Davies & Associates.

As part of my pre-retirement phase, Adriana (my wife) and I will be taking a 2 month holiday to travel to some of the countries on our bucket list—including Australia and New Zealand. We will be leaving September 11th and returning mid-November. I will then be back to work.

I am looking forward to this, being assured of the firm’s continued commitment to work proactively with you, in a close relationship, to influence your future business growth—not just analyze its past results.

We, Deanna Davies, Tony Hall, Bonnie Mundy, Carly Walker, Lisa Menard and I will continue to be here for you.