Businesses Getting Results

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What's Covered Under Our Businesses Getting Results (BGR) Services:

1. Annual Group Planning Sessions
We'll create action plans and set new goals that will increase your business profits.

2. Quarterly Private Meeting with Your Hall & Associates Advisor
Advisors will review financial statements, KPIs, and discuss your progress with you.

3. Weekly One-hour Group Teleconferences Facilitated by Hall & Associates
Get helpful Q&A sessions, group knowledge, and explore new business strategies.

4. Access Hall & Associates’ Online Learning Platform
Learn the fundamentals of effective financial management and the four ways to grow your business.

5. Individual Coaching Calls
You can call your Hall & Associates Advisor to discuss any business issues for up to one hour per month.


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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting BGR Services:

  • Do you strive to improve profit and growth?
  • Has your business been in operation for at least three years?
  • Do you want to address a wide range of business challenges?
  • Do you value ideas and feedback from other like-minded business owners?
  • Do you crave simplicity and convenience?


Start seeing increases in your business’s profits today by speaking with one of our financial advisors.

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