The Case for a Strengths-Based Approach

Adopting a strengths-based leadership approach focuses on helping team members identify, recognize and develop their natural talents, then aligning these strengths to the responsibilities and expectations of their roles. Gallup research proves that individuals, teams and entire organizations enjoy higher levels of performance, engagement and success when they adopt strengths-based initiatives.

According to Tom Rath, author of StrengthsFinder 2.0, employees of organizations committed to strengths-based initiatives and employee development:

  • feel happier and look forward to doing their job;

  • know what’s expected of them at work, experiencing an increased sense of satisfaction and fulfillment;

  • are six times as likely to be energized and engaged at work leading to higher levels of effectiveness;

  • realize greater opportunities to learn and grow, and enjoy an excellent quality of life;

  • understand they are valued for what they can contribute which enhances the success of the team and increases organizational performance.

Don’t assume that employees know their strengths. People often take their natural abilities for granted or may be completely unaware of them. There are several tools available to help people discover their talents and align these to the expectations and responsibilities of their specific roles.

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