Taking the Lead in Training

Earlier this month we closed our office for a day of training. Our team members attended Leadercast, a one-day simulcast leadership event featuring world-renowned thought leaders. Leadercast’s vision is ‘to see a world filled with leaders worth following’ and to that end, the event featured outstanding experts in business, government, healthcare, education, non-profits and faith-based organizations dedicated to helping others become better leaders. The real-life stories of their accomplishments, failures, experiences and challenges inspired and enlightened us, and challenged us to consider new perspectives in our own leadership development.

Now before you dismiss this article by saying this leadership stuff doesn’t apply to you because you don’t have a business or are not in a leadership position…please read on. Leadership is not reserved for those “in charge” or for those people with a “C” in their title. Leadership begins from within—and starts by leading ourselves.

Self-leadership is perhaps our toughest and most overlooked leadership challenge, yet one in which we invest very little time and energy. Psychologist and author, Daniel Goleman writes, “Exceptional leaders distinguish themselves because of superior self-leadership.” Effective leadership begins with a clear sense of self – who you are, how you operate, what is important to you, and the ability to influence and manage your communication, emotions and behaviours. Self-leadership is a prerequisite for great leadership. We cannot lead others unless we learn to lead ourselves. We could all be learning more.

This is why we take time to invest in leadership training for our team. This is why we offer leadership development and coaching services.

What are you doing to invest in and create space for your own intentional leadership development?

Learn more and start your journey to exceptional self-leadership.