Reflections on Change

I am struck again how quickly the world around us changes and how what we thought was normal seems to suddenly change. Change seems to come out of the blue – we feel as though we never saw it coming. But is that true? Were there warning signs that we ignored and didn’t pay attention to because we were just too busy?

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson is a parable about dealing positively with change. This bestselling book was published in 1988 and still rings true with readers.

Handwriting on the wall from 'Who Moved My Cheese?'

The main message of the book is, instead of seeing change as the end of something, we must learn to see it as a beginning. Change is inevitable, “If you do not change, you can become extinct.” The cheese is going to keep on moving, so we need to be ready to anticipate and embrace change.

What changes are happening in your world?

  • A new competitor opens up and is enticing your customers
  • Technological advances increase efficiency
  • Employees approaching retirement
  • Customer preferences are different
  • Online choices for products or services
  • Younger generation employees who have different values
  • Industry or Government Regulations
  • Health & Safety requirements
  • Minimum wage increases
  • Your health
  • Tax changes

Ask yourself, am I moving to find new cheese? Am I adapting to the changing world around me? Am I even aware of how change is currently impacting or will impact my business?

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