Grow Your Business: Increase the Number of New Customers

Customers come and go. Studies have shown that, on average a mature business will gain 20% new customers a year and lose about the same amount. The number of customers remains relatively constant despite the business’ effort to increase revenue.

Your business is unique to you, the business owner. It is a reflection of your vision, leadership and team, whether it is a calculated strategy or has evolved subconsciously. Some customers appreciate your products and services and are a pleasure to deal with for both you and your team. Other customers are very challenging and take a lot of effort and energy. Imagine your business if you only served the ideal customers. You and your team would spend less time dealing with complaints and difficult people, and be able to focus on providing exceptional customer service to those who appreciate it.

Let’s examine how to increase the number the customers, and more importantly, attract the customers that you want.

Step 1: Reflect on WHY you are in business. While all organizations understand what they do, and many understand how they do it, very few take the time to solidify WHY they do what they do. Clarity of WHY is essential.

Step 2: List the attributes of your ideal customer. Do your research and discover who your products or services can help the most. Next, think about what they really want. What do they dream of accomplishing? What keeps them awake at night?

Step 3: Categorize your current list based on the ideal customer criteria. Rate your current clients who meet your ideal as ‘A’ clients, and the remaining according to your own benchmarks.

Step 4: Encourage those customers who don’t fit your criteria to move to your competitors. While it may make you nervous to think of narrowing your client list, it’s the first step in attracting more long-term, ideal clients.

Step 5: Develop a marketing/advertising plan to attract the type of customers you want. Package your products so that you’re always meeting the needs of your clients. Remember, people don’t buy because they understand something, they buy because they feel understood.

Step 6: Measure the results. Be sure to track results both internally (number of new customers, sales generated, etc.,) and externally (practicing great follow-up). What you do with these results will be discussed in a future newsletter.


By attracting ‘ideal’ clients to your business, you and your team will experience greater energy and satisfaction, in addition to business growth and increased profitability.

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