Canada Revenue – Audits and Scams

Canada Revenue Audit

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recently commenced a corporate post-assessing limited review project on Class 10 (vehicles) additions, focusing on tax years ended in 2015.

Read what you need to know about the review.

Please notify us immediately if you receive any form of correspondence from CRA and we will assist and take care of the request on your behalf.

Caution: Scam Alert

As most of you are aware there are a lot of scams circulating and we want you to be aware and very cautious. You may receive anonymous calls or emails indicating that your tax return shows additional taxes are owed and insist on immediate payment either by wire transfer or credit card. Do not give the caller any information or respond to emails. Please direct all CRA communication to us and we can assist and handle the matter on your behalf if it is a legitimate CRA request.