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You have earned the opportunity to be rewarded in your golden years. Let the team at Hall & Associates work with you to ensure a smooth transition, maintaining and maximizing all the wealth and value you have built in your business.

  • We guide the family, management and business owner(s) through the change in mindset and leadership as well as the technical aspects of tax.
  • Our team will help you develop a succession plan that considers all your business, family and financial desires, so that you can exit the business the way you want to.

“Our business has been working with Hall & Associates for the last year, I cannot believe how beneficial it has been to have Hall & Associates’ advice and input into goal planning and looking at the numbers. Understanding the connection between my personal life goals and my business goals, and learning how the business can help me reach my personal goals, has been incredibly beneficial. Our profitability has really sky rocketed over the last year by making some of the changes that Hall & Associates has suggested. Even going through the COVID-19 crisis, I feel very confident because I have been working with Hall & Associates and we made a plan going into this and they helped me to anticipate how it might effect childcare.”

Krystal Oxbro, RECE
Unity Child Care Centres


You’ve worked very hard to build your business and now you’re considering the next step. Ensure that the value you have created is realized. Don’t leave that to chance.

  • Hire trusted, experienced advisors who can guide you through the process of building a plan for transition.
  • Put yourself in charge of what happens to your business, give yourself and those around you the peace of mind that you have a plan

43% of family firms do not have a succession plan and only 12% make it to a third generation*.

*Source: Family Business Survey 2016, National Bureau of Economic Research, Family Business Alliance

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