ASCEND | Understanding the Heart of Your Business



Taking the mystery out of your organization’s numbers is our strength. We translate them into useful information about past trends and help you make positive changes for the future.

  • We take care of all of your business and personal accounting and tax needs.
  • We identify precise business improvement areas and work with you to achieve success at every level.

Your business can grow and thrive, while knowing you are working with professional advisors.

“Partnership – working together to achieve a common goal, we value that. We’re very comfortable with them and it is a relationship with no barriers. They look after us.”

Bryan E. Best, President
Planes Precast Concrete Ltd
and Bestcrete Limited

From questions to clarity - brand essence


From questions to clarity – we understand the heart of your business.


Simply put, we care about discovering what matters to you and taking the time to understand your organization’s needs…to understand what it will take to get you to your summit.

Ensuring you thrive means we are committed to:

  • Being available to answer your questions and provide clarity
  • Asking the right questions, getting to the root of a problem, and partnering with you to find a solution
  • Providing timely, clear financial information to help you make informed decisions